Why Join NASA?

NASA offers two annual monetary awards to both graduate and undergraduate members: The Emerging Leaders in Anthropology Award and the Carrie Hunter-Tate Award for academic and professional excellence.

NASA receives a large amount of allotted time for students to present at the AAA Annual Meeting.

NASA members elect their peers to serve as officers. These officers represent students within the governance of the larger association, which is a great leadership opportunity.

NASA provides a host of resources for students attending AAA Annual Meetings.

NASA members also have the opportunity to publish in the section’s column in Anthropology News.

How do I join NASA?

In order to join NASA (a section of the AAA), you need to become a member of the AAA.

You can join the section either when joining the AAA by ticking NASA on the sections you’d like to join or if you are already a member by simply logging into your membership and checking the NASA box. You can also call 703-528-1902 or email members@americananthro.org to pay any additional fees.

To become a member of the AAA, go to their website and select the “Join” link appropriate to your academic level (i.e. graduate or undergraduate) or the club link if you are joining as a club.

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