Guide to Anthropology Clubs


Donald Scott Wesolowski, Editor

The National Association of Student Anthropologists was founded in 1985 and became a Section of the American Anthropological Association in 1986. The organization works to establish a greater voice for students within the AAA and promote the interests of all anthropology students. NASA encourages greater communication between students at different universities and provides information on opportunities available to students. NASA aids students’ professional development through workshops and publications, and provides leadership opportunities within a national organization.

As a result of its purpose and goals NASA has often been asked to provide information about student anthropology organizations. The most common question asked is, “How do I generate and maintain interest in my anthropology club?” After much communication with several successful clubs, as well as examining the lessons to be learned from clubs that have failed, we have developed guidelines to an overall “secret of success.”

This Guide is the culmination of years of effort, research on anthropology clubs, feedback, input and revisions. It involved the efforts of many people, including the NASA Anthropology Club Handbook Committee, NASA officers, and anthropology club officers and members from around the country.

The Guide has been designed to provide you with a step by step overview on how to start your club, how to attract members to meetings, ideas for club activities, tips on fund raising, and a list of NASA University Representatives to encourage inter-club and inter-departmental communication. (Donald Scott Wesolowski and Teresa M. Alasio)

Contents of the NASA Guide to Anthropology Clubs

Donald Scott Wesolowski and Teresa M. Alasio

Getting Started
Teresa M. Alasio

Communication Between Graduates and Undergraduates: A Lost Art?
Teresa M. Alasio

Political Activities and Your Club
David Aaron

Themes for Anthropology Clubs
Renee Beauchamp

Circular Byways: On Editing an Anthropology Student Newsletter
Donald Scott Wesolowski

Advice from Anthropology Clubs
Anthropology Circle (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Roger I. Lohmann

Anthropology Club (University of South Alabama)
Steve Sherry

Notes on Anthro Clubs from a Bitter, Crusty Old Grad Student
Roger I. Lohmann

Ideas for Anthropology Club Activities

A Final Word of Advice
Teresa M. Alasio

Ordering Information

The NASA Guide to Anthropology Clubs is available in PDF form–email Ruth Flynn at for more information.

For further information on membership in the American Anthropological Association, please visit the Member Services page on the AAA Web Site.

We’d also like to encourage those of you who are officers at your university’s anthropology club to consider joining under the AAA’s AnthroClub Program.

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