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Originally compiled by Melinda Marsh & Nicole Ryan, Last Updated by Valerie Feria-Isacks

As the internet continues to develop, so too does the amount of comprehensive anthropology sites. In an attempt to avoid cyber-repetition, we will offer only links to those pages.

Also, don’t forget to view the AAA Internet Resources page for data on:

  • Academic Job Searching
  • Anthropology Publications
  • Archaeology
  • Campus Organizations
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Graduate School Information
  • Grants, Funding & Post-Doc Information
  • Linguistics
  • Physical Anthropology

Academic Job Searching:

  • AAA Positions Open Listings
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education – also has great advice columns
  • H-NET has very comprehensive listings, including a lot which don’t advertise in the Anthropology News; particularly good if you cross into other disciplines or are interested in small liberal arts colleges
  • Photoethnography Career Archive – This provides excellent career advice inside and outside of the field of anthropology about succeeding in an academia career.

NOTE: For non-academic job options, check directly with businesses, government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and research institutions (too many good options out there to even begin to list these).

Anthropology Publications:

Sub-Field Centered Sites:

Comprehensive Sites:

Graduate School Information:

Grants, Funding and Post-Doc Information:


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